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In this over anxious world, Holzer lets you create an environment that’s not just confined by space between walls, but defined by the aesthetic sense you have along-with the personal taste, an oasis of peace, pride and tranquility.

Essential in its way of being, each masterpiece would surely take you for away to a paradise which has been in your fantasies. An exceptional ensemble of handpicked collection at Holzer would infuse life into the interiors while adding the word ‘royal’ to your Lifestyle.

Holzer, the name that has become synonymous in the world of caliber furniture started its operations in 2009. The company strongly believes in its sky high vision, while maintaining aesthetics as well as comfort in each of its masterpiece. Contemporary designs with elegance along-with super comfort for the truly discerning clients is what we believe in and practice too. The most unique feature that ‘Holzer’ feels pride in …is the timely completion of the job assigned without any compromises.

At Holzer, it’s our endeavor to render quality services while shaping the free flow of ideas from your side. Every masterpiece at Holzer speaks for its class and style defining the word ‘design’ in form, space, balance and elegance. Delimitating both the comfort and beauty together is what drives us from a regular furniture boutique to a unique one. With an excellent support from affiliated national and international companies in the related fields, Holzer has been able to create a mark in the industry, offering its clients a standard that’s way beyond imagination.

Every living space has energy, a character, a personality of its own and that’s what inspires us to take the best of our creative instincts. The innovation along-with superior skills clubbed with strong aesthetic sense allows us to craft an expression which people call ‘furniture’. Our sole intention at Holzer always revolves around the optimum utilization of space with the most intermediate furniture we have.

To enhance your quality of living through our wide range of furniture and allied products including accessories, the concrete purpose is driven by inspirational and practical masterpieces. Besides the world class furniture, we also love to plunge in plying interior solutions with unlimited possibilities while creating an environment that reflects your persona and style. Our super specialization in this field is ensured to add elegance, functionality and a concept that drives you back every time you are away from your place. The lightning speed implementation along-with cost effective solution is the most incomparable factor, we boast about.

Converting your dreams into reality, we love building long lasting relations with a sole focus of having more like minded clients along-with similar royal discernment. Our philosophy is simple and concise i.e ‘faith’, ‘mutual welfare’ and ‘respect’ …first give then expect and take !!!

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